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Provide you with safe and reliable circuit protection and comprehensive services
National service hotline
quality and trustworthiness
Focus on fuse fuse holders, automotive fuses, production and sales research and
development as one of the service providers
  • The company passed IATF16949: 2016 quality management system certification
  • Products passed CQC, UL, TUV, CE, UR and other quality product certification
  • Comply with rohs environmental directives and REACH regulations
  • Company products are exported to all parts of the country
Qualification honor - HONOR
24-hour technical support and after-sales service for all products sold
Gongfu Electronics 4 advantages
Gongfu electronics 4 major advantages
Gongfu products are exported to the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions.
Professional manufacturing and sales of fuse products
Professional manufacturing and sales of fuse products
  • The company has perfect development capabilities and professional production equipment.
  • To provide customers with fast and timely service, thoughtful and meticulous technical support, quality and reliable quality.
More than ten years of experience in the electronics industry
More than 10 years experience in electronic industry
  • The company complies with the requirements of the rohs environmental protection directive and REACH regulations, and strictly controls the quality of products.
  • Products are widely used in automotive, electronics, power, new energy, photovoltaic and other ancillary facilities.
Have a well-equipped professional service team
Have a complete lean professional services team
  • Leading technology, reliable quality and excellent service.
  • The company has a number of technical professionals who have been engaged in the electronics industry for a long time. Through superb technology and unremitting efforts, we can provide you with complete electronic engineering design.
High quality pre-sales and after-sales service, let you rest assured / comfortable
High-quality pre-sale service, so you rest assured / Shuxin
  • Accurate quality, strict delivery, and perfect service are our commitments.
  • Specialists regularly visit old customers, listen to customer feedback, and follow up on maintenance in a timely manner.
Gongfu Cooperation Client / Partner
Gongfu Electronics - specializing in the manufacture and sale of automotive fuses
Professional vacuum pump sales, maintenance business
Founded in 2006, Dongguan Gongfu Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and selling solar photovoltaic fuses, new energy vehicle fuses, miniature fuses, fork bolt fuses, automotive fuses, high voltage fuses, chip fuses, ceramic fuses, automotive fuse holders, Automotive fuses, snap-on thermostats, automotive overload protectors, etc. The specifications are complete and the quality is excellent. The company has passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system certification, and the products have passed UL, TUV, CE, UR and other certifications. Customers are located in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Dongguan, Shanghai and other parts of the country.
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Dongguan Gongfu Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: Lv Bin

Contact phone number: 15622511589

Phone: 0769-82391938/81100206

Fax: 0769-82391939

Email: Lvbin@fuse168.com

Website: www.gfefuse.cn


Address: 3rd Floor, Building B, Xingrui Industrial Park, Liaobu, Dongguan

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common problem
Ceramic fuse specifications and glass tubes are not universal.
In practical applications, it is not enough to select a fuse according to the UL standard terms...
During the driving process, there will be a regular movement, causing the car's fuse holder to show severe damage, and these are all at the time of driving...