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Dongguan Gongfu Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0769-82391938 81100206
Fax: 0769-82391939
Mr. LV   Tel: 15622511589     QQ: 1150888860     E-mail: lvbin@fuse168.com
Ms. Jiang  Tel: 18922960826   QQ: 1090988866    E-mail: jsr@gfefuse.cn
Mr. Chen's TeL: 18922960825  QQ: 1099588880     E-mail: sales@fuse168.com
Mr. Xie: TEL:13022052705       QQ: 16803462     E-mail: xc@fuse168.com
Recruitment mailbox: E-mail: gf@gfefuse.cn
Complaints: lvbin@gfefuse.cn
Company Address: 3rd Floor, Building B, Xingrui Industrial Park, Laobu, Dongguan City