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6.35X31.75mm fast broken glass fuse

6.35X31.75mm fast broken glass fuse

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Fuse common sense

1, look. There is a lettering on the top of the copper cap of the fuse. For example, F1A250V means 1A fuse, A is current unit, and 1A means fuse value.

2, quantity. The length is 20 mm, the diameter is 5 mm is the 5X20 fuse, the length is 30 mm, and the diameter of 6 mm is the 6X30 fuse.

3. Calculation. If you do not know the number of A fuses, you can calculate the current of the fuse according to the power of the appliance you use. The calculation method is the wattage of the appliance divided by the voltage = current A; you can increase the current appropriately, such as 500W electrical appliances, voltage 220V, The choice is 500 divided by 220 = 2.27A current.