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6.35X31.75mm slow broken glass tube fuse

6.35X31.75mm slow broken glass tube fuse

Product Details

The rated current of the fuse-link is the current that the fuse-link can work under laboratory conditions. Since the North American (UL, CSA) standard and the European (IEC) standard have different viewpoints on the design of the fuse-link, the North American standard fuse-link is in the selection of the fuse-link. To follow the current formula, follow the formula below:

Fuse current value>= Line normal operating current / 0.85 IEC standard fuse link: fuse body current value > = line normal operating current.

The fuse-link under laboratory conditions is operated at 23 °C ± 2 °C. Since the fuse-link is a heating element, the ambient temperature will affect the normal operation of the fuse-link, if the fuse-link is to work in different temperature environments.