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5.2x20mm ceramic tube quick-break fuse

5.2x20mm ceramic tube quick-break fuse

Product Details

Ceramic tube fuse sizes and glass tubes are not universal. The overcurrent of the ceramic fuse is higher than that of the glass tube. The quartz sand in the ceramic has the function of cooling and extinguishing the arc. When the current exceeds the nominal capacity, the glass tube is not used instead of the ceramic. On the contrary, ceramics will lose their protection when they replace the glass tube. The fuses are all thermal effects, ceramic fuses have good heat dissipation, and their current is greater than that of glass tubes. The two fuses of the same safety number have the same fuse speed and they can be used interchangeably. The glass is easy to see, but it is easy to break, the ceramic is strong, but you can't see the burnout!