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3x9mm miniature fuse manufacturer

3x9mm miniature fuse manufacturer

Product Details

Miniature fuses are mainly used in electronic products such as digital cameras, notebooks, and mobile phones. From traditional glass tube fuses to miniature fuses, the focus of their selection is slightly different due to differences in product processes. The choice of miniature fuses involves the following factors:

1. The normal working current of the circuit, the working current through the fuse should not exceed 75% of the rated current of the fuse;

2. Pulse, inrush current, inrush current, startup current, and circuit transients. Micro fuses are especially concerned with this. Due to the small size of the process, the impact resistance of micro fuses is much smaller than that of glass tube fuses or other bulk fuses of the same rated current;

3. The resistance of the miniature fuse has certain influence on some circuits: if the fuse with excessive internal resistance is installed in some circuits, it will affect the system parameters of the circuit, so that the circuit can not work normally;

4. The overload current of the circuit and the overload current exist for short and long time. It is usually necessary to use the combination of oscilloscope test and theoretical calculation to judge the overload current. The basic requirement for the fuse is that it cannot be broken when it is not broken. It must be cut off at the appropriate time.

5. The applied voltage applied to the fuse, usually the micro fuse is applied to the portable device, the working voltage of the circuit is generally not high, as long as the rated voltage of the micro fuse is higher than the working voltage of the circuit, you can use it with confidence;

6. The ambient temperature of the fuse. When the miniature fuse is applied to a portable device, the temperature rise of the fuse should be properly considered, that is, the reduction of the rated current of the fuse should be considered. The ambient temperature of the fuse should be within the specified operating temperature range. When the ambient temperature around the fuse exceeds 25 °C, it should be degraded with reference to the temperature reduction curve;