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What is the main role of car fuses?

In order to avoid overloading or short-circuiting car wires and electrical equipment and burning car appliances and wires, various types of safety fuses, also called circuit fuses, are used in car circuits. These devices are collectively referred to as car fuses .

Its function is: when the current flowing in the circuit exceeds the specified value, the fuse and the fuse part melt immediately beyond a certain value due to their own heat, and then block the circuit to maintain the car electrical appliances and wires.

1, glass tube fuses, such fuses are more used. The two ends are cylindrical terminals, the middle is connected by a glass tube, the fuse is placed in the tube, and the two ends of the fuse are soldered to the cylindrical terminal.

2. Chip-type fuses Chip-type fuses are made of bright heat-resistant plastic.

3, fusible wire fuse It is a fuse with a very large rated current, mainly used for power circuit and high current maintenance. It uses the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire as the standard for the fusible wire, and the non-alkali glass wool woven sleeve is used.

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