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Automotive fuse replacement technology and precautions

Automotive fuses have high current fuses and low current fuses. Medium and low current fuses are generally easy to access. Medium and low current insurance can be broadly divided into chip fuses (including automatic fuse boxes, small fuses), plug-in fuses, fastening fuses, tubular fuse boxes, and flat fuses. We can achieve medium ATO or small fusion fuses. The chip fuse can carry small currents and short-time pulse currents, such as headlights, de-glass defrosting, etc. The international standards for automotive chip fuse color are: 2A gray, 3A purple, 4A powder, 5A orange, 7.5A brown, 10A red, 15A blue, 20A yellow, 25A transparent, colorless, 30A green, 40A dark orange. It is obvious that the size of different amplifiers is different depending on the color. The conductor of the chip fuse is made of a metal similar to solder, which has a lower melting point than the ordinary wire itself. The dimensions of the conductor are very precisely calibrated so that enough heat is generated to blow the wire and disconnect the circuit when the current is rated. The fuse has two important parameters, one is the operating voltage and the other is the rated current. When the owner purchases or changes, it must be selected based on the voltage and current in the circuit.

If there are no spare fuses, you can place other unused fuses on top. For example, the fuse of the window is broken and there is no spare fuse. At this time, idle insurance such as audio and air conditioners can be used. The premise is that both have the same security or are safer than the original fuse. Add high power car lights. When the power is too large, it is easy to blow the fuse and replace the high current fuse and power cord in time. Prevent overheating and overheating. Switch to high power sound. High-power audio can also blow the fuse. When adding high-power appliances, you must pay attention to the current and replace the corresponding fuses in time. In general, a good reorganization store will notice this problem. Rinse the machine room with clean water. When cleaning the chassis, because the fuse box seal is not suitable, remember not to flush the fuse box directly with water. This will cause the fuse to be short-circuited and cause the automotive electrical components to fail. And most fuse boxes have obvious icons and are not allowed to rinse with water. If the fuse box is dirty, use a wet towel to gently scrub.

Smoke detectors use high-power appliances. The fuse of the smoke detector is extremely fusible. The 15- 25a fuse is used for general smoke detectors. Since the voltage of the vehicle is 12V, the electric appliance connected to the hood does not exceed 300W, and some cars are less than 200W. For car refrigerators, car air pumps and other high-power appliances or less used smoke detectors are better.

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