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Tips and precautions for car fuse replacement

Tips and precautions for car fuse replacement

If no spare fuse is available, use another spare fuse on top. For example, the fuse of the car window is broken, and there is no spare fuse at this time. At this time, you can use the idle insurance such as audio and air conditioner, provided that the amperage of the two is the same or smaller than the original fuse.

Install high-power lights. If the power is changed after changing the headlight, it is very easy to blow the fuse. The high-current fuse and power line should be replaced in time. In case of excessive current and overheating.

Modified high-power audio. High-power audio will also blow the fuse. When installing high-power appliances, you must pay attention to the current of the appliances and replace the corresponding fuses in time. Generally better modification shops will pay attention to this problem.

Rinse the engine compartment with water. When cleaning the engine compartment, because the fuse box is not sealed properly, remember not to flush the fuse box directly with water, which will cause a short circuit of the fuse and cause the electrical components of the vehicle to malfunction. And most fuse boxes have a clear icon prohibiting water washing. If the fuse box is dirty, gently wipe it with a wet towel.

Cigarette lighters use high-power appliances. Cigarette lighter fuses are extremely easy to blow. General cigarette lighters use 15-25A fuses. Because the vehicle voltage is 12V, it is recommended that the electrical appliance connected to the cigarette lighter does not exceed 300W, and some small cars do not exceed 200W. As for high-power appliances such as car refrigerators and car air pumps, it is better to use less cigarette lighters to get power.