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Mini car fuse

Mini car fuse

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According to the form of protection, it can be divided into: over current protection and over temperature protection. A fuse for overcurrent protection is a commonly used fuse (also called a current limiting fuse). Fuses for overheat protection are commonly referred to as "temperature fuses." The temperature fuse is further divided into a low-melting alloy shape and a temperature-sensing trigger shape and a memory alloy shape, etc. (the temperature fuse is protected against the heat of the heating appliance or the heat-generating appliance, for example: hair dryer, electric iron, rice cooker Pot, electric furnace, transformer, electric motor, etc.; it responds to the rise of the temperature rise of the electrical appliance, does not care about the working current of the circuit. Its working principle is different from "current limiting fuse"). The company supplies automotive fuse holders, miniature fuses, automotive overload protectors , snap-on thermostats , forkbolt fuses , automotive fuses, automotive fuses, new energy vehicle fuses, high voltage fuses, solar photovoltaic fuses, etc. Call us!