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R3-50B (PBC board installation)

R3-50B (PBC board installation)

Product Details

1. Temperature and voltage test: Use the power supply to apply voltage and current to the fuse. The fixed voltage is 220 volts, and the current is supplied from 2 amps. The interval is increased from 2 amps to 10 amps every 4-5 minutes. The rated current is increased by Δ75 °C.

2. Fuse time test: use the stopwatch to record and observe the 2 times rated current and the remaining current value, measure the time required for the fuse to be blown, fuse it within 1 minute under the condition of 2 times rated current, and take the fuse Before and after.

3. Fuse sample test Among them, whether it is 2 times rated current or other current value, three fuse samples of the same specification are tested to average the time of the fuse.

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