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R3-530 (panel mounting)

R3-530 (panel mounting)

Product Details

When a current between the conventional non-fuse current and the rated breaking capacity specified by the relevant standard acts on the fuse, the fuse should be able to operate satisfactorily without jeopardizing the surrounding environment. The expected fault current of the circuit in which the fuse is placed must be less than the rated breaking capacity current specified by the standard. Otherwise, continuous arcing, ignition, fuse burning, melting together with the contact, unidentifiable fuse mark, etc. may occur when the fuse is blown. phenomenon. Of course, the breaking capacity of inferior fuses does not meet the requirements of the standard, and the above-mentioned hazards will also occur during use.

product description

1.16A 250V AC
3.Bayonet type cap
5.Phenoric resin