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  • 1206 Chip Fuse

    1206 Chip Fuse

    Specifications Most miniature fuses are UL248-14 certified by the US National Safety Code. These specifications specify the following

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  • 0603 SMD Fuse

    0603 SMD Fuse

    There are four basic types of chip fuses: (1) slow-blow/time-delay fuses; (2) double-alloy slow-blow fuses; (3) fast-acting fuses; (4

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  • 310 high current patch fuse

    310 high current patch fuse

    The shape of the fuse is 1. The early original fuses were directly locked with screws and used for old switches and soc

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  • Time-delay chip fuse

    Time-delay chip fuse

    2410 Time Delay Chip Fuse The slow-blow chip fuse is also called a time-delay chip fuse. Its delay characteristic is maintained in th

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  • Chip fuse manufacturer

    Chip fuse manufacturer

    The 2410 fast-disconnect fuse fuse has the following four basic types: (1) slow-blow/time-delay fuse; (2) double-alloy slow-blow fuse

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